We are the Experts in Tax Services for the Entertainment Industry

No matter what your situation, trust us we've seen worse. Having past tax returns can be daunting, but whether you've failed to file or failed to pay, we can help you turn that fright into confidence.

We have found over the years—on many occasions—that people who haven't filed all their returns are daunted by the task for two primary reasons. First, the IRS is a big, scary entity. And second, people with past due returns often feel that the task is just too much for them, and those two factors, acting in concert, freeze and paralyze the best-intentioned of us.

Let's address both issues. The IRS is big and scary, but our job is to deal with them, and we know the ins and the outs of working things out with them. We do that all the time, so we're familiar with the paths to follow, the people to call, the numbers to dial.

The second issue: don't be embarrassed, because by now we've seen it all—many times over. That sense of paralysis is perfectly understandable—but it's keeping you from solving the problem. So it makes great sense to shift the burden to us. We treat your tax problem as the individual and pressing circumstance it is. We get it. We understand. And we'll get you going on the path to your solution.

Many past years to file—and pressure from the IRS? We can almost always get them to allow appropriate time to get the work done—and then get it done. We'll give you clear, specific instructions on what you need to do and to provide us—and we'll talk in layman's language, not some arcane argot spoken only by tax geeks.

Owe more than you can pay? We'll work hard to negotiate a payment plan that you both you and the IRS can live with. In certain extreme cases, maybe an Offer in Compromise is necessary—and we can make that work.

In short, when you need a friend in the land of tax troubles, we're the one.