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TAX SOLUTIONS FOR CHILD ACTORS and/or any Minors Who Are Performing Artists

ActorsTaxPrep is widely known as an effective, knowledgeable and easy-to-work-with provider of all tax services for child performers.

Entertainment taxation issues are complex enough to begin with—add to the mix the additional complexities of childhood—legally required savings accounts (such as Coogan accounts in CA), who should claim the child as a dependent?, can a child save tax dollars by the Qualified Performing Artist designation?, and more—and the need for experience and expertise doubles and redoubles.

ActorsTaxPrep has over 100 child performers as clients— we are highly experienced and highly cognizant of such tax issues, as well as if and when incorporation makes sense for a child actor.

Don't entrust your child's hard-earned dollars to preparers who don't know the rules—it's not child's play.